Southern Farms


Leaders in South Africa’s table grape industry

Southern Farms The start of this vision becoming a reality began when the founder, Chris Steenkamp, identified a piece of land he believed ideal for producing seedless table grapes.

Located on the banks of the lower Orange River which borders South Africa and Namibia, 650 hectares of land blessed with arable soil and access to large volumes of water is the home of Southern Farms. Following Steenkamp’s discovery, the first vines were planted in early 1995 and the first crops produced in November 1996. These batches successfully reached the UK market by sea, in time to be sold before Christmas.

Today, Southern Farms currently produces 1.3 million cartons of seedless grapes, and according to Michelle Steenkamp, the company’s Marketing Manager, its success can be directly linked to its shareholders. “They installed the core fundamentals of the farm, that today remain the back bone of our decision making and success,” she says.

You may visit the farm as part of your Tutwa experience.