Northern Cape


Situated in the remote, north western mineral-rich region of South Africa, and bordering on the Namibia’s border. The Northern Cape is a vast, sparsely populated region of wide open spaces, spectacular scenery and an ancient heritage.

What the Northern Cape lacks in people, it gains in valuable natural resource; particularly diamonds. These are found in the east of the province at Kimberley and the extreme west at Alexander Bay. Tutwa is situated in a region referred to as the Green Kalahari.

Essentially a scenic region where klipspringer and Kokerboom (quiver trees) stand in stark silhouette against the African sky, silent sentinels in a strangely unique environment where only those who have been able to adapt, have survived.

Today the Northern Cape is known largely for its annual display of wild flowers, a popular tourist attraction bringing thousands of visitors to this magnificent region to enjoy this annual spectacle.

The Northern Cape is also a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts and travellers alike. Renowned for fantastic and diverse adventure activities encompassing both the Orange River and the  desert regions,  it’s not surprising that the Northern Cape has claimed its spot as South Africa’s premier incentive and corporate travel destination.



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